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Across Impact Network Platform

Create a dedicated, private, secure social network for your health initiative and the people and organizations who work on it. Make you health initiative effective and efficient with up-to-date, best-in-class tools and technology. Power your health initiative with speed and scale.       


A single trusted space for all the communication, collaboration
and project management relating to a health initiative

Create a dedicated social network for your health initiative, protected by Government-grade privacy and
security technology. People and organizations working together on a health initiative inside a private
 network can safely communicate and collaborate knowing that everything shared is by default accessible
 only to members of this private network.


Scale your dedicated network as needed - easy, unlimited scalability is key

Add as many member as you like or easily remove members. Your dedicated network is built for any scale
of members working together.

Consolidate all the ideas, knowledge and information relating to a health initiative in one place

Bring all the ideas, knowledge and information relating to a health initiative in one place. Consolidation instead of fragmentation, simplicity instead of complexity. Use dedicated functionality to increase the speed, quality and scale of knowledge creation and sharing related to a health initiative. Everything is automatically saved and easy to find.

Run communications and marketing with a tool designed for non-experts

Run communications and marketing for yourself or your team in one simple tool built for everyone, no expertise needed. An all-in-one tool for planning, execution and measuring the results of your communications and marketing: create your message, choose where to publish it (on a private network or an external platform), view the results and the assess the impact.

Add your favorite apps and discover new ones

Integrate the apps you already use like Google Drive, Office 365, Gmail, Slack, Canva, Miro etc. Discover new apps that can make your work easier and faster or open up new possibilities of doing things. The App Marketplace has it all. Add an app for you or your organization.

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