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Public health moves in the speed of trust.

Across’ mission is to solve the problem of low effectiveness and efficiency of public health communications worldwide.

Our products

We are currently working on several prototypes:

About us

Public health moves in the speed of trust.

The problem

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, it is clear that public health communication is not achieving its goals. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there were large government spending, intense public health communications work, and an endless amount of valid, valuable health information provided to the public. Despite this, public health communications failed to deliver the right message to the right audiences in the right channels. This led to its failure to create behavior change that would result in a positive health impact.

“Public health moves in the speed of trust”. Public trust is a necessary condition to successfully bring innovation from the lab to the world. Even a cure for cancer will be useless without people’s trust in the science, scientists, and organizations that created it.


How do we solve the problem?

We solve the problem by talking to as many public health communicators as we can to understand from them what are the problems, pains, and needs in this field. We then build software tools that solve these issues.

Our approach is to build solutions that are global from day 1 and that help public health communicators worldwide.


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